2020 has been a year none of us will ever forget. It felt important to chronicle our experience- the good and bad, the ups and the downs- in the way we know best: With music, Enjoy! -Corinne and Ed

March of the Unicorn is an indie surf rock opera about a wandering unicorn.  The ethereal, layered vocals, careful piano work, intricate guitar playing, and subtle but affecting production combine to create a touching story that feels like the kind of folk legend typically passed down around a campfire under a starry desert sky.  The songs populating the album range from forlorn and nostalgic to reflective and mysterious, and others yet are even momentarily upbeat and uplifting.  These shifting moods mirror the journey of the titular protagonist, crafting a coherent, satisfying emotional arc.  Even so, the music never loses an air of whimsy and unexpected grandiosity that makes the story it tells feel like less of just a cool little fairy tale and more like a fragment of an epic folk mythology.” -J. Debski


Corinne F. Bohjanen on Vocals and Bass Guitar.

Edward J. Horey on Vocals, Guitars, Keys, and Drums.